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Cristaux, -Sage et Encens

About ME

We live in a very hectic world, a jungle dominated by binding consumerism and individualism. Society conditions us from childhood so that we become someone "important" and makes us dependent on material objects: the best car, job and house; we must possess everything. We need all these things to feed our ego, however, that same ego is creating fear, suffering and limitations.

Through understanding how it operates sabotaging our daily life, I managed to develop a stronger awareness of my own consciousness and free myself from unnecessary suffering.  That's how my story began....


My name is Cecile, a yogi born and raised in Paris about 30 years ago. I belong to the generation that yearns to raise the collective consciousness and bring people closer to higher levels of connection.

 I was living in France a life full of establishing "success" in our Western society. I worked for fancy companies and had much of what is supposed to be longed for, but there was feeling of darkness, as if something was missing internally, in which, I was left feeling upset and frustrated.
I had to find something to channel all that energy of dissatisfaction.

Because I have always been curious and investigative in nature, in the sense of trying to find answers to the great questions of Life, I tried to find the way to move from the edge of uncertainty and slavery  to a place of certainty and inner freedom.

I found interest in in the practice of meditation and yoga. After years of practice, in a natural and organic way, the magic of Yoga began to take over.

 My presence on the mat and my awareness of each movements made me access the benefits of Yoga on the physical, psychological and spiritual planes. To advance on my path of conscious evolution, I needed to understand more clearly how the human mind works. Understanding what the Ego is and recognizing its traps, was what led me to initiate a personal development therapy that, together with the techniques of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), made me think about the subtlety of emotional intelligence, opening up a complex network of understanding and awareness.

Through this method for inner growth, I managed to improve the relationship with myself and with others. Perfecting my psychosomatic organization, giving a deeper and higher sense to my life, thus, finding my most authentic and genuine side.

 As yoga had become the cure of my erratic emotions and the driver of my own truth, I decided to quit my job and completely change my life, starting all over again.


Newly connected to my authentic self, it was there, where I undertook a trip to India to drink directly from the source. I received many trainings as a Yoga teacher (500 hours RYT®) in Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa, learning the discipline, the mystical philosophy and the secrets of traditional and holistic Yoga in the cradle of Rishikesh and in Goa.  Inspired by my teachers and infected by the enthusiasm of those around me, I was lucky to travel for almost 2 years teaching yoga  and organizing retreats to magical and uplifting places like India, Indonesia, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and the United States.. Countries that have impacted me as much for their cultures as for the experiences lived there.

I Settled down in Madrid since May 2018, hoping to teach the way to happiness, health and the joy of living, through the benefits of Yoga enriched by my masters in both india and United States.

I currently teach collective and private classes for all levels of Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow,Yin YangYoga, Power yoga and Tantra Yoga and in Spanish, English and French.

Thanks to a wonderful set of tools, techniques,  and reliable methods, I support my students in this process of unification to relieve the senses of external distractions by concentrating the mind on the breath, body and the energetic awakening.
The most important part of this process is the awareness of the breathing, which extends as a unifying thread (Sutra) throughout the whole class.

By purifying our body and mind, we begin to feel better, to gain well-being and
self-confidence. Making peace with ourselves so that we can be at peace with others.

Only when we start to live according to the definition of who we really are and clean our "hard drive", we can evolve and reach a higher level of consciousness.

 Yoga is a 5000 year old system available to all people.

It is not a religion, it is not dogmatic and therefore, it can be practiced by both believers and non-believers.


There is a universal opportunity to understand who we really are. Through yoga, we can correct our imperfections and evolve towards a meaningful lifestyle.


You have the free will to choose between living in a world of illusions or sharing a collective vision of light, life, unconditional love and freedom that originates beyond the confines of our space-time reality.

Leave your old habits and step out of your comfort zone, you have the key to be the best version of yourself. 



What does my yoga classes look like ?

Each class focuses on a theme, an emotion or a chakra. 

1. Centering (dhyana):
To begin the class, I lead the students through a short meditation to reach a deeper level of awareness connecting the body, the breathing and the mind, thus, it helps them to establish the fundamental basis of their practice.

2. Mantras:
Mantras are repetitions of sounds and words in Sanskrit whose vibrations when sung, focus the mind to reach a higher state of consciousness.

3. Shatkriyas:
To prepare the physical body and make the prana (vital energy) flow better, I use shatkriyass (breathing techniques to clean the nadis or energetic channels) and balance the chakras (psychic centers) of the subtle body.


4. Warm-up:

Warming up the body gradually increases flexibility, reduces the risk of injury, and creates Tapas (inner fire) to to purify the physical, mental and emotional body.

5. Asanas (postures):

 The asanas are a series of physical postures that purify the body creating an internal fire that burns away impurities. This system of psycho-physiological techniques, also includes bandhas (energy locks) with sustained contractions that are practiced in different parts of the body whose objective is the control of internal energy;  and mudras (hand gestures) to generate and accumulate more prana in the physical and subtle body. The asanas produce an increase of the circulatory volume that revitalizes all the organs, toning the muscles and the ligaments. They also stabilize the joints, relax the nerves and promote the improvement of the functioning of all the body systems. (respiratory, digestive, hormonal, skeletal, muscular, endocrine, immune, nervous, etc.) By purifying the body in depth and cultivating firmness, the prana (vital energy) circulates freely, nourishing, healing and integrating the body and the mind.


6.  Pranayama:

Pranayama are different breathing exercises that are usually performed before the asanas as a purification tool or end of class to calm the nervous system before the final relaxation.. In Sanskrit, "prana" means energy and "iama" means control. Therefore, Pranayama means control of energy. For the ancient yogis, when we breathe, we absorb the Prana or the energy of the universe through the air. This is why it is understood that controlling energy is controlling your breathing. Pranayama generates the cosmic energy that can then, flow throughout the body without being disturbed. This provides the ideal platform for a deep and transformative meditation.

7. Relaxation and integration (Savasanah)

Typically we practice Savasanah at the end of the class, it is the last asana and the most important one. It is a reclined meditation that helps us to absorb and integrate the benefits of our practice and at the same time, it relaxes us deeply.

This conscious relaxation of the body and mind eliminates all kind of tensions and revitalizes us. By performing an exercise of self-awareness and observation, we are aware of our whole body and focus our attention on the present moment. This position is an act of surrender and acceptance; by surrendering we create space in the mind and body; By creating space in the mind and the body, we stop creating resistance and we become more prepared to adapt to the world and its setbacks.
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